Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's on days like this...

...when I just feel so lucky I'm alive feeling all I'm feeling, just being me.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning; windy, sunny and quiet. Kulas and I had a breakfast of bacon, salmon, eggs, toast, jam and butter. After that I started popping CDs on the player, one after the other, singing to it while I was washing the dishes and Kulas was reading the paper. I made coffee and for the first time in our married life, he had coffee with him. It's so nice to share my morning coffee pala with him. We danced to Luis Miguel's version of Sabor a Mi after...

I'm blogging here at the study and it's so nice--the kaimito tree swaying outside, I could hear the chimes in the dining room...

I've got to work. I have a crazy day tomorrow in school. But first I want to take note of what I want to blog about soon:

1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (the movie)
2. The Family Stone
3. Kulas' upcoming birthday.

So far, I'm enjoying my stay here in this blog. I like the quiet.


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