Saturday, September 01, 2007

This week on this side

A list:

1. P started his Meteorology block with the eighth graders. So far, so good. He's happy and that's the most important thing for me.

2. I'm done with my Realism block! My ninth graders and I had our moments. I can't wait to have our end-of-block camping, which will happen IF they'd manage to be Study Hall-free for an entire block--three weeks! Update: this morning, Alyssa and Bai told me some of their classmates already have study hall... :( Next block: Russian Lit. with my Seniors. Am I excited? You bet! My first blockw ith them this year.

3. Finally managed to write an article for the Star again. It was out this morning. Next week: "Underdog" issue.

4. The Seniors had their auditions for "Phantom of the Opera" yesterday. It was...uhm,hilarious! Hahaha. Kidding. They were great! But I don't want to say more. I'll post the casting on Monday :)

5. This morning, the Seniors joined us teachers in a meeting with sixth grade parents. They shared their experiences as Waldorf students. According to Bebop, she was enlightened. I'm sure the parents were, too, since the kids did very well in their talks.

6. I'm spending the rest of my Saturday here at home. P is at the Ateneo for a board meeting and so I'll catch up on my reading while he's out.

7. I miss Mama. And Tj and Tere. I miss my family.

8. Borgy, thanks for your email. I'm so happy that you guys are growing closer with each other. Thank you for supporting your kuya TJ. I wish I could be with you guys as often as I want...

9. I have a new notebook. It's yellow (or is it green? :p) with a pink plastic spring; it says "Girls Rock!" on the cover.

10. Oh, and the Seniors are joining this year's Teenpreneur Challenge. We're competing against 20plus schools. Wish us luck.

It's September already. Can you believe that? In six months, the seniors are graduating! It's altogether scary, exciting and sad for me...

Anyhow, until my next post.