Thursday, December 29, 2005

Because It's Worth Detoxing

...or at least, I think it is.
Let this be the start of something real. Two days before the new year, these are some of the really great things I am grateful for:
1) My family, my anchor.
2) My dearest sister's almost a month pregnant. I am so so happy and excited.
3) My sister's home from Singapore for the holidays. She and my mom had just spent a couple of days here at home and I already miss them.
4) I have a career which I am nurturing and which nurtures me back.
5) I have a husband whom I love and who loves me back.
6) I have great friends.
7) I have dreams. I have fears.
8) Thank you's, I'm sorry's and I love you's.
9) Love. And all its fucked-up versions.
10) My faith, my hopes, my loves.
Here's to a round of detoxing. Sit back and start the rant.