Friday, July 20, 2007

"How long till my soul gets it right?" ~ Indigo Girls

How exactly does one get rid of things she doesn't need? Of extra baggages that weigh her down?

How long does it take to be forgiven? To forget and be forgotten? How does one break habits and patterns she no longer wants to take?

How does one take that final, absolving breath?


Pieces of Happiness on a gray Friday:

1) A box of original glazed Krispy Kremes
2) lunch with dhey
3) video of Iya on my phone
4) thoughts of finally having my own beagle or a lab or a dachsie
5) P holding my hand while driving
6) two new thick notebooks
7) reading old text messages from my family
8) coming up with these 7 items

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In the beginning was the Word...

I just finished my Poetry block with the coolest tenth graders in school (haha...*wink*) and it was a great experience: daunting, full of discoveries, fun, crazy, EXHAUSTING and most importantly, inspiring. They gave me a reason to start writing again---and the journey has begun--again.

The strength of this class is that they can all see the beauty of possibilities, the ironies of creation, the sacredness of wounds...I want to keep growing with them.

It's also for this reason that I want to make my very OWN twelfth graders fall in love with poetry again. I wish going to college weren't such a big deal. I wish having nightly arguments with parents weren't too much to bear. I wish they could all just be, me included. But that's where the grace lies, right?

So, here's to my beloved oddballs! On to clunkhood! :p

(You guys, I know you'll read this...and no, you're not escaping study hall or homework :p )