Sunday, January 22, 2006


I'm too lazy to post anything decent now. I watched Manny Pacquiao's match with Erik Morales while Kulas is out, firing with his friends at the range. I'm supposed to be preparing for school now but, hey you guessed it right, I'm here blogging instead.

We watched "Little Manhattan" last night. Simple, nice and nostalgic. We never forget our "first loves", that's what Gabe said at the end of the movie. Do you agree?

Tomorrow, my class and I will be selling the corn we biodynamically planted and harvested. I'm going to tell them about "Prep" by Curtis Sittenfeld, which I bought last night at Fully Booked Gateway, which incidentally is the farthest I could haul my lazy ass to these days--aside from home and school.

Next week is the start of my Geography block, focusing on Africa and China. Oh and with some basics on Meteorology, too. Can you believe that? Me, teaching geography...amazing.

Of course I'm damn nervous about it. It's not something I know very well. But as Steiner puts it, it's in the striving that a teacher gets it better--or something like that.

I miss shopping. I miss being "shallow"--you know what I mean?

Well, this post has been peppered with questions to be answered by nobody. If people are bound to find out about this blog, they simply will.

So much for random thoughts. Must prepare dinner soon. Meanwhile, let me leave you with this:

" tired of the straight life
and eveywhere you turn
there's vultures and thieves at your back..."

Been singing these lines lately. So you, watch out and look behind your back.


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