Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just got home from dinner and tea with my best friend N. P’s out with his Ateneo friends and the wind’s getting scary outside.

My last entry embarrasses me. I hate it when I whine like that. What the hell, I needed to let that out, anyway.

Spending time with one of my dearest friends was good for me, not to mention Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s banana cream pie. N was more candid than the last time I saw her and again, we tried to find the answer to our perennial question: will she ever settle down and get married to Mr. Right?

She’s at the peak of her career and is now dabbling in teaching yet she’s not happy, she claimed. We have another friend who’s now earning 100k a month as a trainer in a call center, not happy either. One thing they have in common is their relationships—both complicated.

Listening to her talk about stuff ranging from her addiction to Kenshi of Samurai X, to her thirty pairs of shoes, to the man of her life, down to client presentations that have gone awry made me feel less lonely if only for a while. She reminded me that I’m the only one who can get myself out of this rut--with a plus-- "You’re lucky”, she said. “You have P. You have a home”.

This could also be pre-birthday blues. I’m turning 28 in 18 days.

I’ve already received my first birthday present: Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things from P. Last year, he gave me Anansi Boys and because of this, he’s now my official Gaiman fairy godfather.

I want Rushdie's Shalimar the Clown. Hint, hint ;)


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