Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For now...

I'm signing off.

My class had just recently won a national competition on entrepreneurship, and helped a GK community in the process. We bested other schools like Ateneo, Pisay, Southridge, etc. So proud of them.

I have been very, very tired lately; mainly because of school--my Seniors and I are totally loaded with work. On Saturday until the 20th, we'll be up north going around Banaue, Bontoc, Sagada, Baguio, Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud for their History of Architecture and Anthropology classes. I'll be with them as, well, a watchdog and writing teacher.

I don't know why but today, I had THAT feeling again. I want to vanish.

I'm going to miss P. I'm going to miss everyone; well, I'm missing everyone already.

Oh well. I feel dumb, worthless, useless. Or maybe it's just pre-birthday blues. I'm turning 29 in nine days. Can you believe that? 29? Can't wait til I'm 30.

Yeah, 29 years old, and what have I done? What have I done in this wicked, wicked lifetime? A Master's degree with a thesis lacking; articles, poems, stories in magazines, newspapers and anthologies here and there; empty pockets, unread books,blank notebooks; ended friendships; broken hearts and enemies; crushed souls...

Boy, this is getting depressing. Must stop.

Hanggang sa muli.


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