Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ad Infinitum

Her eyes are sad black pools, not murky, just plain black--dark and still. When she closes them, the water ripples and creates circles within smaller ones. Someday, she'll never have to open them again. Ever.


How open should a person be to his/her partner? What are the limits? When would you say he/she's lying? Does keeping things unknown to you constitute dishonesty?

Most people would say "no, I'm not lying, I'm just not telling you" or what you don't know won't hurt you. What's the deal? It's plain and simple, for me, that is. When you're found, get out. If you refuse to do so, needless to say, that qualifies as hiding, right?

When two people commit their lives to each other, that would involve merging of two different worlds. There are the respective spaces you both have to keep. Never lose your center, that I believe in. But when one is alienated already from the other's "own" space, I would start believing keeping your center isn't really worth it.

Nonsense? Perhaps.

I just hate lies. And secrets. I will never be able to tolerate deceit--no matter how rosy you put it.


Maybe because I have experienced deceit in such an early age is the reason why I value openness and transparency so much. But after 27 years, it's still too elusive...


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