Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank You

Last Friday, our students had their Christmas party in which we teachers were invited. The kids planned everything—from food & drinks, music, their dates, dress code, etc. We were actually surprised that they invited us adults since it was supposed to be their “own” party. Somehow, we all felt that that night was extra special, perhaps because they were all dressed up (attire was semi-formal) and we are used to their t-shirt-jeans-flip-flops ensemble everyday. To see them in skirts, dresses slacks, polo shirts, and closed shoes was sheer delight. Sabi ko nga, mukha silang tao. They were gorgeous!

R, an eighth grader, hosted the party in his opulent Capitol Subdivision house. Food was great and his dad served good wine (to teachers only, of course). When P and I arrived, the party was in full swing. When the last of my colleague arrived, the kids announced they’d start their presentation. Excitedly, we all gathered in the sala, expecting some song and dance number, the usual, we thought. Apparently, they have prepared something “special”. It was going to be Teachers’ Awards Night, they said.

We were scared! What if they give us really embarrassing awards, we all thought. The emcees, N and J, said that they’d start with the “minor” awards which are mostly “blooper” titles. There were the Bonkers Award (most hyper teacher), the Oops Award (absent-minded teacher---me!), the Klutz Award, Wow Legs Award (teacher with the hottest legs—imagine!), the Yosi Addict Award, the Coffee Addict Award (me, again!) etc. Then followed the Smartest Teacher Award, Santa’s Elf Award (teacher who always helps the kids in projects, plays, etc.), Mr. Congeniality (friendliest teacher—my hubby P! His ballroom sessions with the kids helped hehe). Then they called my name for the Coolest Teacher Award and I thought, wow, this is something; my students think I’m a cool teacher??? Cool!

When they announced the Biggest Heart in the World Award and called my name again, I couldn’t help crying. As they explained why they chose me for this award, I just sat there looking at them, crying, smiling, laughing, all at the same time.

Other awards followed. We cheered on each teacher and laughed at their funny thank you speeches.

Then they announced another award: the Teacher of the Year.

Yes. Unbelievable.

Until now, I can’t believe they chose me. How can I believe it? I have doubted myself (I still do!) for so many times and have thought of giving up, thinking that I was just cheating my students because what do I know about teaching? What do I really know? When they started citing reasons why they voted for me, I was overwhelmed. I stood speechless, feeling both humbled and joyful.

To borrow from the PDI’s anniversary contest winner: “To be honored for something you love doing is unbelievable.”

That night was priceless. To my Kawayan kids, thank you. You are my inspiration. Para sa inyo ito.


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  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger Borgy said…

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