Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When the universe tries to tell you something

...you have to listen. Intently.

Tonight an affirmation dawned on me quietly like a butterfly alighting on one’s palm: I am in the right place, with the right people, in the right time. First, there was the moon. Tonight it shines in its silver and yellow glory. Full. For all my anxieties and preoccupations with work, I still noticed it. That is something, isn’t it? Then I chanced upon this poem and it spoke to me words that my soul longs for.

Don Paterson

Silent comrade of the distances,
Know that space dilates with your own breath;
ring out, as a bell into the Earth
from the dark rafters of its own high place-
then watch what feeds on you grow strong again.
learn the transformations through and through:
what in your life has most tormented you?
If the water's sour, turn it into wine.

Our senses cannot fathom this night, so
Be the meaning of their strange encounter;
at their crossing, be the radiant centre.

And should the world itself forget your name
Say this to the still earth: I flow.
Say this to the quick stream: I am.

(thanks to Jeline for the poem)


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