Friday, January 05, 2007

Five days into the new year and well, I'm in my self-made limbo. I am not yet ready to go back to school because a) I'm not yet done with my holiday break to-do list; b) there is yet another batch of to-dos waiting for me and c) I don't want to do all my to-dos. It's unbelievable how I've left all these things undone and now I'm wondering where my vacation went...

To think my PhilStar K.O. article this Saturday is about getting back into the groove of school--the article is another story, by the way, as I believe it deserves the trash can. Shame on me. What am I doing, still deluding myself that I can write? But I digress.

I need to focus. Three months to go before the school year ends! I'm also down to my most dreaded part of my curriculum: teaching research writing. I. don't. know. how. to. teach. research. Here are my excuses: I'm not an education major, hence, no how-to-teach-research classes in college. I had great English teachers in high school, but I suppose they weren't educ majors, too, judging by the way they taught research. I majored in Literature and so the research process, though not at all unfamiliar to me, was a skill I just acquired and not as systematic as it's supposed to be. I'm just not so confident teaching it :( So my plan is, I'd do it with them instead of rattling off the steps as what the textbooks do. Modelling the process is ideal in the classroom anyway. So wish me luck.

I'll also be teaching Parzival for my last block. It's the crux of the eleventh grade curriculum and it will be my first time to teach it. Again, wish me luck.


The only thing I want to do these days is sit in front of the TV and watch replays of America's New Top Model, Sex and the City on dvd, and One Tree Hill whenever I catch it on ETC. I'm obviously braindead and it's been going on for days, months! Speaking of SATC, I realized that I have most of Carrie Bradshaw's men, at least the most significant of them, in P: Aidan,Petrovsky,Berger and Big. This deserves a separate blog entry.


And so, happy new year to us. Live, love, laugh, dream. Happy new year!


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